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Arriving on your terms has never been easier. Join our community of workplaces offering the easiest and greenest transportation options to get staff to and from Downtown Rochester. Arrive Rochester is a membership-based initiative that works directly with employers to provide commute options for their employees.

Recruit. Support. Retain.

Attract a talent-rich workforce by providing stress-free options to get to work without having to rely on a car.

Your support can make all the difference, helping to increase employee retention, lower rates of absenteeism and tardiness, and improve overall productivity.


Make a Real Impact.

Removing just 5 cars from the road annually eliminates 23.7 Metric Tons of CO2, the same amount of carbon absorbed by 28 acres of U.S. forests each year, or the equivalent emissions from:

    • 3.5 homes’ annual electricity use
    • 26,000 pounds of coal burned
    • 27,000 gallons of gasoline

Spend Less. Save More.

Cut parking expenditures just by reducing the number of cars driving to your site. Plus, improved commutes can lead to happier employees who stick around—meaning even more cost savings for your business.


Explore Your Options.

Our range of commuter programs include carpooling, transit, cycling, walking and teleworking. The best part: we offer worthwhile incentives + an Emergency Ride Home program to help employees choose a better commute other than driving alone.

Check out our Programs page for more details.


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