Arrive on Your Terms

Commuting to work has never been better. Whether you decide to share the ride, try transit or even get out of a vehicle to bike or walk to work, your options abound. Read on to learn about our programs plus some pretty awesome incentives to set you on your way.

Earn Rewards

Arrive Rochester is bringing you a FREE way to earn prizes. How? Simply log your green commute —and every trip counts! Easy right?

You can also access these rewards straight from your phone. Download the app today!


Discounted Transit Passes

Whether you’re traveling downtown from within the City or from out of town, there are a range of bus routes to get you here. Your employer may offer a 10% discount on transit passes for Rochester Public Transit or RCL, and your pass is tax deductible.

Check with your workplace Arrive Rochester representative for more details.


Log in to Work

The best commute is no commute. Choosing to work from home just one day a week reduces your commute by 20% and gives you a day to focus in the comfort of your own home. Not sure if your employer allows this?

Chat with your Arrive Rochester workplace representative and find out what your options are.


Emergency Ride Home

Are you thinking about switching up your commute but worried about the ‘what if?’ Arrive Rochester has you covered! If you carpool, take the bus, walk or cycle to work and an unexpected emergency arises, you can take a free ride home on us. Register with Arrive Rochester and record at least one non-drive alone trip, and you’re eligible for a ride home in the event of an emergency.

What counts as an emergency?
  • Personal or family emergency
  • Sudden illness of carpool driver or yourself
  • Carpool driver has an emergency
  • Mechanical breakdown of carpool vehicle
  • Flat tire (car or bike!)
  • Unexpected emergency overtime

Non-Eligible requests include, but are not limited to, prearranged appointments or classes, scheduled overtime, and personal errands.


Active Transportation

Rochester has over 85 miles of trails, in addition to its sidewalks and bike paths. If you live close enough to walk or bike to work, give it a try!

Speak with your Arrive Rochester workplace representative to find out about bike and walk facilities at your office: bike racks, showers and lockers may be available to make an active commute more realistic for you.

Plan Your Trip

Want to give a new commute a try but don’t know where to start? Don’t stress – we’ve got our planning hats on. Let us help you map out your best route to work.

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